Best iPhone apps for studying Japanese

The iphone is a popular device so there are loads of great apps for studying Japanese on the go. A while back I wrote up a post about studying Japanese with an Android phone. It seems only fair to also mention the iPhone as well! Here's my list of the six best apps for studying the Japanese language. Check it out!

Change your language to Japanese

Using Japanese as the default language on your phone is great way to get Japanese exposure all the time. It may be a struggle at first but it's worth spending a little time with a dictionary and getting familiar with words you don't understand. Here's a youtube video that guides through the steps to change the language on an iPhone 4. The steps will be pretty similar for any iPhone.


Anki is a must have for me, I think it's essential for all language learners! Flashcards that use a space repetition system to ensure you won't  forget vocab and sentences. It can store data on the phone and on the cloud so you'll always have access to your cards!

Get it here.

Kotoba - a Japanese / English dictionary

A free simple Japanese dictionary great for learners. If you already have some Epwing dictionaries then you can just load those using iDic and skip an additional dictionary app. Epwing is a Japanese electronic dictionary format that can bought online at places like amazon.

Get it here.

Gengo Talking Japanese Dictionary


If you want to level-up your Japanese dictionary this is a great choice. It has example sentences and spoken Japanese so you can hear how the word is pronounced.
  • 120,000+ word dictionary
  • Over 100,000 samples of native audio pronunciation
  • Feature using iphone mic to record your own voice and compare to the samples
  • 130,000 example sentences from Eijiro (large database of English-Japanese translations)
  • Kanji stroke order diagrams


iBunko / i文庫

Good app for reading Japanese ebooks such as the thousands of free ones at Aozora Bunko. It also comes loaded with a lot of books.

Get it here.

Comic Zeal Comic Reader

 The best comic reader for iPhone great for loading up a stack of manga - supports the common cbz format.

Get it here.


JapanesePod101 Podcasts

There are lots of free podcasts on this site and put them on your phone to listen to daily. Even better if you pair it up with a iPhone speaker dock. Then you can dock your iPhone with the speaker and let it play your Japanese podcasts / music while you work or get stuff done around the house.

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