I don't want to study English anymore!

I wrote a lang-8 entry this morning and I was googling around to check my sentences when I found this webpage. I thought the title was quite funny 「I don't want to study English anymore!」. Here's the post in full and my go at translating it.


I don't want to study English anymore.

I'm studying English at University but recently I've come to hate it.


 I'm angry, I've lost interest... [not sure about the use 申します here!]

ネットをやるときは英語サイトだって行きますし、チャットも英語でやります。でも授業となる と・・・

When I'm on the net I go to English sites, and I use English in chat programs.  But in class ...


The text book is so tediously boring I want to fling it away
投げ飛ばしたくなります 「なげとばしたくなります - to want to fling / hurl away」


I impulsively stab the text book with wild abandon.

もちろん先生も欧米より の方が多く、その欧米びいきの考えに腹の立つことも多々あり・・・。

Of course there's more than just the teacher and westerners, when I think about anglophiles it offends me. [Not really sure what's meant here.]


If I try and think about how I've done from middle school; I've been studying 8 years. [I think I might have missed something here too! :D]


My passion has calmed, I've come to me senses, if that's so it's a good thing [Not sure about this!]


As for now since starting Chinese for 2 years ago at University is my dream. 「Not sure about the tense here. Are the studying for the next 2 years? or Did they start 2 years? or Did they wish they'd started 2 years ago?」


 Bah - Even thinking about this I get passionate [This is a guess!]


 But it's like I know - English is the world's common language, it's a really important to master it as a tool I think. [Not sure about 役割 here]


Anyway it doesn't mean that I want to quit [again not super sure]

授業中頭の中は暴走し ています(笑)。

While in class my mind runs wild. [Interesting this is the same idiom as in English]


What should I do to become passionate about English again? 
Has anyone else studied something for so long?

I welcome any corrections. It all helps improve my understanding!
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