What is LOVEFiLM like?

So my master plan was to sign up to the online rental place LOVEFiLM and watch tons of entertaining Japanese media each month.

After a week and bit I've cancelled my subscription. (There was a two week free trial).

So why did I quit?

-Two DVDs one return envelope? I order two DVDs and it only comes with one return envelope. I want to watch one send it back, then one the next and send back. This isn't made easy, so it's slow.

-Slow. Send a DVD back, one day to arrive back. One day for the next DVD to be chosen. One day for it to be sent out. So with the 2DVD package, you're lucky to get two films a week.

-Searching sucks. You can't search by language.

-DVD data is incorrect. Some DVDs are labeled as Japanese language when they're not. Some DVDs are labeled as Japanese but the English subtitles can't be turned off.

-Selection sucks. I don't like Yakuza, Samurai or Horror films, I don't watch anime much. There are no 'normal' Japanese films and no Japanese dramas.

So it's not for me. But there's a two week free trial so by all means give it a go and judge for yourself.
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