How to say 'Yes' in Japanese

There seem to plenty of searches for this information so I thought I'd add an extra post giving the equivalents for Yes in Japanese.

English has lots of ways to yes:
I agree, sure, yup, yeh, yeah, that's right, yes, ok, okay etc

It's the same with Japanese. 

The most often heard Japanese equivalent for yes is はい (hai prounced similar to our "Hi!").

To me はい seems to have a certain military quality. It's sometimes used a little like "Yes Sir!". If it's prounced like a question "Hai?" it means "What are you talking about?"

そうです sou desu (don't pronounce the 'u's). This is a little like right
うん unn This is a bit of nasel sound, and is a little more casual like yep
ええ e (like you're going to 'elephant' you stop at the first 'e') This means 'right' 'yes'

Japanese people use OK to. Okay is a pretty multinational word. Though in Japanese I mostly hear it used like 'OKです' ok desu.

了解 りょうかい ryoukai. This is similar to 'Roger!'.
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