Learning Japanese Update

I thought it might be interesting to reflect on my Japanese learning.

I think I've been studying for at least one year. My anki deck is currently around 6500 cards.

First I did Remembering the Kanji for the first 2000 kanji.
Then I started using Anki I went through A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Sentence Patterns, Understanding Basic Japanese Grammar and Smart.fm Japanese core 2000. (as well a dipping into to other misc sources)

So what can I do at this stage?
I can write Japanese (on the computer) pretty well. I often trade messages with people on mixi entirely in Japanese. I'm not fluent, I can't express complicated concepts well. I'm mainly at the conversational level.

I can speak in Japanese and be understood. Again I repeatedly find myself struggling to express what I want to say. (I often use plain and polite form together by accident)

I can follow the jist of conversational Japanese but there are often bits I just don't catch. Or ways words are used that I just don't understand. Sometimes hours later I'll twig and think "Oh! That's what they said".

Some dramas I can follow, sometimes whole scenes I can understand word for word. Some times I understand, nothing, nothing at all. What the hell are they talking about? :D

Reading - I can't pick up a book and just read it, there are far too many words I don't know. I can bulldoze my way through it, ignoring what I don't understand, picking up the jist where I can. I've started reading manga, on my laptop, .cbr format (with a magnifying glass program to try and make out the furigana). I'm reading Gintama and I have to look up lots of words!

So I'd say I'm low level intermidate, frustrated, and wanting to know a lot more words! I don't think I'm pushing myself hard enough to aquire new vocab and phrases either - it's easy with a system like RTK or Smart.fm core 2000 but when you're alone in the wilds of Japanese everything goes slower, there's no pre-set path.
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