How to make a Japanese immersion environment - Tip 1

If I reflect on how I waste my time, a lot of time seems to be spent flicking through the various music channels. I like music videos, I like new music so it's not hard to find myself doing this. Though it doesn't help my Japanese.

What would help my Japanese is having a Japanese version of MTV! But where can I get Japanese music videos? Youtube of course.

I want my Japanese MTV to play in the background, I don't want to be actively searching through youtoube everytime I want some background music with pretty pictures. So I will download the youtube videos!

How can I download music videos? Well I'm using Firefox (other modern browser such as Chrome and Opera probably have ways to do this to) so I use a firefox plugin. The plugin is called Video Download Helper. It was the first one I found and it works nicely.

It adds a icon over the youtube player. If I press the icon it downloads the video.

The only task remaining was to find some good Japanese music videos. Music video in Japan is abbrievated to PV (promotion video). So a good search term might be

"radwimps pv"

This will get me a nice list of radwimp videos to download.

A few other interesting Japanese language artists include:
Rip Slyme
Dragon Ash
Ogre you asshole

If there are any more you recommend add them in the comments!
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