How to use japanese subtitles

The first trick to using Japanese subtitles is actually finding them!

I'm mainly concerned with download Japanese dramas here. To use Japanese subtitles on your DVD just press the subtitle button :D That said most DVD subtitles in Japan seem to be translated independently of the Japanese dubbing.

The best resource is the daddicts forum. Particularly the subtitle one. If you are lucky there will be a link to the Japanese subs file for the drama you want. Usually .SRT filetype. It's best if you also downloaded the drama from daddicts too because then the subtitles are more likely to have the correct timing.

Now I love VLC it's plays almost anything, but at the moment it's support for Unicode subtitles is broken. All you will get is little boxes :(

The only way I've been using Japanese subs is via Windows Media player, which I certainly do not love, but hey, it works. I just rename the .avi and the .srt to the same name, play the avi and the subs are automatically picked up. Works like a charm!

This thread in 'reviewing the kanji' also has some good links to subtitles.
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