Anki and Twitter

Anki is a memory tool. You add questions with answers. Then when you review Anki shows a question, you try to remember the answer and then rate yourself compared to the actual answer. Anki uses the rating to decide when to show you that question again.

Anki is also open source, that means any one can look how the program is written and change it. It's also actively developed so new versions appear periodically.

I use Anki daily to study Japanese and I now have ~6300 Japanese cards in my deck. I've also used it for job interviews (to study all the relevant facts of the Playstation 3 architecture for instance). It's a great tool for retaining new information.

This post is about the development of anki. It's interesting to see how the software becomes more refined and useful as certain features are added. (such as time-boxing were anki limits the reviews to certain period of time which helps stop procrastination)

Anki suggestions and questions are most often discussed in the anki google group.

But also a lot of discussion happens over the web. Here's a link that searches Twitter for the latest anki related postings. Here's a more restrictive one.
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