Five Recommended Japanese Dramas

We all know watching Japanese dramas is a good way to bulk up language ability. But with so many dramas out there, it may be difficult to easily find something that suits you. To help out here's a list of 5 Japanese dramas I've enjoyed!

1. Zettai Kareshi 絶対彼氏

It's about a girl who ends up with a robot boyfriend living in her apartment. I don't why but I really like this series and it's one of my main learning tools. I listen to it a lot! It has robots what's not to like?

The Japanese used here is often used in an office setting so it's reasonably polite. This means it's pretty easy to pick up for those of us who've mainly learnt from text books.

Drama addicts is a wonderful site that has bit torrents of many Japanese dramas - including zettai kareshi.

2. Densha Otoko 電車男

Densha otoko is about a geeky guy who meets a woman on the train and tries to win her over with advice from the internet. There are lots of good characters.

From a Japanese language perspective it's good because there's a lot text being typed on screen as the person speaks. So there's a double dose of Japanese learning for you. The story is pretty easy to follow even without understanding the dialog so it's not a bad drama to get one's feet wet with.

It's also based on true story. If you want to watch it daddicts can come to the rescue again.

3. Liar Game ライアーゲーム

Liar game is about conning and con artists. A shadowy organization has constructed a competition where the winner becomes rich but the losers get massive debt. It's an interesting story. Less drama more intrigue - which seems to be a rare thing in a lot of Japanese TV. So if you fancy a change - check this out!

4. Iryu 医龍

Iryu is about a renegade surgeon who's framed and thrown out of his hospital but he's drawn back into the world of medicine. It's good to learn from because the main character is a man and he's cool, so he speaks cool. So if you want to speak like a cool man then maybe this is the drama for you.

It's a nice small run of 11 episodes - though there is a second series. It should n't be hard to find on drama addicts.

5.Nodame Cantabile のだめカンタービレ

Nodame Cantabile is a drama about a conductor and some musicians at music school. It's quite light hearted and fun. There's also a slight comic styling to it, but not so much that it gets in the way.

It has a lot of casual language but it's pretty easy to understand. There's also a humorous 'foreigner' role - the actor is Japanese but with a fake nose and an odd way of speaking.

Like most everything - it shouldn't be too hard to find on drama addicts.


Kiki said...

i love Zettai Kareshi! A very very nice Japanese drama i have been watched! and i recommended Honey and Clover! A nice drama which talking about friendship! =]

Dan said...

Cool I'll have to try it