How do I write stars using IME Japanese input? ☆

If you're asking 'What is the IME?'. It stands for Input Method Editor, apparently. But basically if you write a word in katakana or hirigana then the IME will let you change that word into one or more kanji symbols.

For example:

ほし → 星

Cool right? But there's not just kanji hidden in the depths of the IME - there are other fun symbols.

 ー> 「→、⇒」 Cool arrows.
ほし → 「★、☆」 A few different stars.
おす → 「♂」 Female symbol.
めす → 「♀」 Male symbol.
おんぷ →「♪」 And a musical note!
ゆー → 「Ю、ю」I have no idea.
から → 「~」 the from to sign
かっこ → 「〔〕、<>、 《》、 【】」 and various other bracket pairs
きごう → 「゛、゜、〇、´、'、$、ヽ、ヾ、ヽ、к、з、㊥、」 and lots and lots of other symbols ヾ(〇_〇)
ろしあ → 「д、ф 。。。」 the Russian alphabet
[] → 「「」、『』、【】」 all the various brackets
ばつ → 「×」 small cross
こめじるし → 「※」 super cross yay

I think there's also a way to 'extend' the IME but I don't know how to yet :(
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