Best Japanese Movies of the 2000s. Which do you know? Part I

When I watched film I prefer to know as little as possible about it, so my descriptions here are brief and not very informative. I've linked to the trailer for those who want to find out more. Also this 2000ish there's a bit of lee-way into 1999.

1. 愛のむきだし (LOVE EXPOSURE)

Four hours long! Dealing with up-skirt photos. Comedy and won quite a few awards.

2. オーディション (Audition)

Psychological horror movie, sounds like it's not for the faint of heart! Doesn't look like my cup of tea. Here's a link to the trailer.

3. Eureka

About a bus hijacking - filmed in sepia tones. Here's a link to the trailer.

4. バトル・ロワイアル (Battle Royale)

I think everyone knows this one. School kids trapped on an island fighting for survival. Before Hunger Games and better too! There was a interesting commentary on reddit about this film worth a read if you've already seen it. Here's the trailer.

5. 誰も知らない (Nobody Knows)

And I don't want to know, another depression-fest from Japan. Grave of the Fireflies was enough for me - I avoid these types of films like the plague. About children left to fend for themselves. It you fancy a good cry here's the trailer.

6. 千と千尋の神隠し (Spirited Away)

Another film I suspect a lot of people have already watched, still pretty great - especially if you're learning Japanese because the dialog is basic and sparse. If you don't know what it's about then just watch it! Nearly everyone will love it. Here's the trailer.

7. 転々(Adrift in Tokyo)

転々「てんてん」 - moving from place to place, rolling around. A lazy student who owes money to loan sharks is offered the chance to have it paid off, if he accompanies a man in a walk across Toyko where he'll hand himself in, to a police station for a crime he deeply regrets. Trailer here.

8. 茶の味 (The taste of tea)

Slice of life type film but surreal. Trailer here.

9.  トウキョウソナタ (Tokyo Sonata)

Drama slice of life film about a boys secret piano lessons. Trailer here.

10. リリイ・シュシュのすべて (All about Lily Chou-Chou)

About the rough lives of Japanese school children in Japan. Here's the trailer.

11. 歩いても 歩いても (Still Walking)

A portrait of a family over roughly 24 hours as they commemorate the death of the eldest son. Here's the trailer.

12. 回路 (Pulse / Kairo)


回路 「かいろ」 - circuit
Japanese Horror, a nice break from all the slice of life films. There was also an America remake in 2006. Ghosts invade the internet, that's all you need to know really. Here's the trailer.

13. 六月の蛇 (A snake of June)

Straight from wikipedia: Set in an anonymous Japanese metropolis, the film tells the tale of shy career woman, Rinko, and Shigehiko, her hygiene-obsessed, workaholic husband. The couple explore their sexuality in a number of ways, causing their lives to be disrupted. Here's the trailer.

14. たそがれ清兵衛 (Twilight Samurai)

A samurai tries to protect a battered wife at just before the start Meiji period where most samurai are accounts. Here's the trailer. And the entire movie seems to be Google video but the quality's not great.

Continue on to Part II and more best Japanese films of the 2000s

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