Japanese Learning Resources jBalaam Roundup

Last month I had a post a day on twitter with various Japanese language learning resources I'd found on the net. Before they disappear into the ether forever here they noted down:

  1. If you're not using it already - this simple computer program will revolutionize the way you learn forever!
  2. If you're not using it already - this simple app will revolutionize how you learn forever! Part 2?
  3. Feed of Best Japanese Language Blogs
  4. 12 Creatures That Haunt Tokyo Trains
  5. Good list of texts in English and Japanese with Audio files
  6. 15 minute Japanese documentary on Lost Civilisations - Inca and Maya
  7. Print your own kanji lined worksheets - a great use of your office printer :D
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Japanese ad filmography
  9. Inspirational Japanese language log of Sheetz as he learns Japanese
  10. Check the beta version of Anki 2.0
  11. Editorials on news. Interesting reading!
  12. Don't worry about your active vocabulary
  13. Heard of the Tatoeba Project? A great site to discover sentences with English and Japanese translations
  14. Tofugu's 100 best resources for learning Japanese 
  15. Useful tips on creating flash cards by Antimoon
  16. Looking for a good online Japanese dictionary? Try these two http://www.sanseido.net/ http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/ 和英辞典 -> JP to EN dictionary
  17. Want to have a sentence read aloud by a native speaker? Check out Rhinospike 
  18. This Japanese Grammar book is popular it has it's own acronym DBJG
  19.  Check out these 5 Japanese Dramas I recommend watching.
  20. My self study plan for Japanese. I still have a long way to go ;_:
  21. Cool ラッコ the Japanese word for sea otter original comes from the Ainu
  22. Amazing beginner level Japanese texts! Don't wait download them now :D Great starting material
  23. Lan'Doriens Learning with texts and audio post ごん狐
  24. Learn the ふり grammar point with this example.
  25. 抵抗は無駄だ。Resistance is futile. A phrase they always forget to leave out of the text books (抵抗=resistance, 無駄=futile)
  26. The secret to writing fluent text messages in Japanese
  27. School subjects in Japanese starting from age 3! Great resource for language learners
  28. Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide deservedly well known. It's gets hard quick but definitely worth checking out!
  29. Some great Japanese audio and text links to download here. These links are always flakey I'd download now :D
  30. Massive collections of Japanese fanfiction. Books can be expensive to export from Japan so this is a good alternative.
  31. Cool Japanese art site with lots of interesting submissions. I love these types of site! Also has fan-fiction.(Images weren't quite as perverted when I made that initial tweet!)
  32. http://www.ragecomics.jp/ Rage Comics in Japanese - often quick easy to understand check them out!
  33. Everyone learning Japanese should be following @ragecomicsjp lots of links to entertaining ways to learn
  34. Odd news in Japanese from around the world
  35. Cute! Some of the comments are easy to understand too. 食べたいくらい可愛いぃ <- didn't know Japanese has this expression too!
  36. Famous software / tech articles translated into Japanese. Interesting if you're into that kind of stuff!
  37. A translated oatmeal comic in JapaneseHow to fix any computer. Original.
  38. Japanese reddit, unfortunately a bit dead
  39. Japanese word frequency list, worth picking over for common nouns
So there you have it! Some cool Japanese resources to give your language learning a shot in the arm! If you have any you'd like to share send me a tweet @jBalaam
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