Beware! Don't make the same mistake I did when ordering material from Japan

Probably best to avoid ordering Japanese materials directly from Amazon!

This is just a bit of a warning really.

I ordered from the Japanese Amazon to the UK. But it turned out to be quite expensive. At the moment the yen is very strong, also DVDs seem slightly more expensive in Japan. On top of that shipping is very expensive. Not only that but after I recieved the goods, I also recieved a letter from Fedex wanting me to pay import duty which was £20+. (which I've now grudgingly paid :D )

So many charges. I think to get around these one can send their stuff to some firm in Japan who will pack it all in a box and send it from an individual instead of a big company like Amazon. Apparently then you don't have to pay duty. Though this maybe of questionable legality
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