Little known Google search commands that will let you get perfect example sentence everytime

Or how to search for example grammar. Getting excellent Japanese example sentences can be tricky!

Especially if you want grammar. Recently I was after examples of "from A to B", "from A until B" which in Japan would be "AからBまで".

Just whacking から into ALC doesn't help. Pages and pages of sentences yes - but not of the particular point I wanted :(

JGram could be worth a look, and look I did but I didn't find too many examples. So time to bring out the power tools.

I typed the following into google:


The quotation marks tell google this is exactly the order of words that I want. The star characters are wild cards. That means anything can go there as long as it has から in the middle and まで at the end.

Of course this will return natural Japanese, so some knowledge of the language is required :D Still it gave excellent results.


Also some rather gross pregnancy results "How long until birth from when I start to get bloody mucus discharge" Lovely. Still, memorable right? Though I must say I didn't add it.
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