How do I learn Japanese online and off?

I am not really in a position to answer this, but when has that stopped anyone on the internet from voicing an opinion?

The key is saturation.

For example I want to learn what どうやって means. First I get the basic definition by moving my mouse over it.

If you're wondering how the hell that happened well first; I'm using Firefox to browse the internet - and so should you. Second I have a Firefox plugin called Rikaichan. This is a Japanese dictionary that automatically spells out the definition of any Japanese word you hover your mouse over.

So now I have a rough idea of the word's meaning but no real examples of it's use. At the moment I'd forget the word in mere seconds - so I need to lodge it my memory. I do this by getting lots and lots of example sentences.

How best to get lots and lots of example sentences (with a nice English translation)? Well the ALC dictionary lets you search all it's example sentences (instead of providing just those examples associated with the definition)

Using firefox searching ALC is just a click away.

This gives over 5 pages of sentences. I collect every single one that seems simple to me. Saturation! If I know all these sentences there's no way I won't know the meaning of どうやって it will be impossible. Any sentences that seems too tricky for me I just ignore. I'm focusing only on the use of どうやって.

# どうやって帰ればいいの?
How am I gonna get home now?

# どうやって行くか分かる?
You know how to get there?

# どうやって食べるの?
How do you eat this?

"How did you find this nice restaurant?"

# どうやってあそこに入ったの?
How did you get in there?

# どうやってこのコンピューターを消すの?
How do I turn this computer off?

# どうやってこの子に説明したらいいかな・・・
How can I explain this to him?

etc until I can bare no more.

Right, now I add them to Anki, my spaced repetition flash card program.

This program will test if I know the sentences I've added. Now because they're all pretty similar it shouldn't take long for me to have learnt them pretty well and be pretty confident how どうやって works because I've saturated myself with it.

If I'm feeling particularly industrious I'll add a picture. Also I write the English meaning in white text, so I can't read it without highlighting it. That way when I'm doing my reviews, for the most part I'll be in Japanese only mode.

And that's it. Now do this for every alien Japanese word you come across ha!

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