What are 50 must read Japanese language learning websites?

Sometimes it's hard to get started learning a language - where are all the resources? What's the best method? Hopefully these links will set you on the right path!

1. Reviewing the kanji aka RTK

Learn the Japanese Kanji once and for all – excellent website / online tool. Save yourself months and months by using this.

2. Anki

A computer program that you can fill with flash cards. It uses a special algorithm to test you – making the spacing perfect for maximum retention.

3. Miro

Miro isn't Japanese software per say. But it can download Japanese TV and programs for you to watch – hassle free. Which is useful for the language learner.

4. Rikaichan

Rikaichan is an addon for the firefox webbrowser. Hover your cursor over a japanese word and it will tell the possible meanings and readings. Extremely useful.

5. Ajax IME

Can't install Japanese on your computer (for whatever reason) then use this – you can type Japanese directly into the editbox. Extremely useful

6. Japanese Pod 101

Podcast straight from Toyko with native Japanese speakers. Mp3 files for all levels

7. Japanese Culture Podcast in Japanese

Japanese dicussion about Japanese culture

8. Daily Yomiuri Podcast

News podcast

9. All Japanese all the time

This site is great – it lays out a course of study and has plenty of articles that will have you raring ready to go

10. Drama Note

Scripts for Japanese dramas. Excellent resource for puzzling out what someone is saying. There's a google search near the top use that to search for drama scripts. Usually there's a root page for a given drama and from there you can get all the episodes scripts. Remember to search in Japanese :D

11. AnimeSuki

Torrent site for unlicensed anime

12. JPop Suki

Torrent site for Japanese music

13. D-addicts

Full of south east asian tv. Lots of excellent dramas raw and subbed in Japanese. There's also Japanese tv – sometimes with adverts!

14. Crunchy Roll

Watch anime online!

15. Drama Wiki

Use this with D-addicts to find dramas you might like – or find dramas with similar actors – useful if you're trying to emulate a particular person.

16. Namiko's Japanese Language Blog

Namiko has been writing a short blog post in English and Japanese since the mid 90s. There's also a detailed explanation of the Japanese used.

17. The JLPT Study Page

Sentences and grammar points taken from Japanese Language Proficiency Test with excellent translations. Great source for sentence mining.

18. 2 chan

The Japanese message board. This thing is massive and scary and very unlike western forums – there's no moderation or nice formatting. Everything is just out there like a giant chalk board.

19. The Dirty Guide To Japanese

A quick overview of the entire language!

20. Tae Kim's Guide To Japanese

Excellent series of articles going over the basics of the language in a very straight forward clear manner.

21. Japanese Verbs Guide

Online book / guide to how Japanese verbs work

22. Jim's Japanese Grammar Summary

Summary of Japanese grammar all on one page.

23. A logical Japanese Grammar

Another site going over the main points of Japanese grammar

24. JGram Grammar Wiki

A wiki that covers grammar mainly associated with JLPT tests. Each point has a comments section that is sometimes more enlightening than the main article.

25. Goo Japanese Dictionary

Great example sentences

26. Yahoo's Japanese Dictionary

Another good dictionary to search

27. ALC Japanese Dictionary

Of all the dictionaries this seems to give the most examples.

28. Excite Japanese Dictionary

Often my first stop! Japanese explanations are quite simple – there are also English explanations and many examples.

29. Sanseido Online Dictionary

Good terse Japanese definitions.

30. Kanji Dictionary (English Frontend)

Has all the reading plus sound clips!

31. Nihonho2

Japanese language and grammar reference – in Japanese.

32. TBS News Online

Tokyo Broadcasting system news – lots of news video feeds.

33. Asahi Shinbun

Japanese online newspaper

34. Yomiuri Shinbun

Another good quality Japanese newspaper.

35. 100 Japanese Things

Fantastic blog that takes something Japanese

36. Daily Kids Japanese News

Sometimes adult news can be a bit much

37. Inspirational Japanese Learning Log

This log cover's 'Sheetz' journey from begginner to advanced Japanese speaker

38. Mixi

Japan's answer to facebook – though if I remember correctly you'll need an invite.

39. Japanese Wikipedia

Pro-tip – if you don't the Japanese

40. Joshu Grammar Section

This has grammar points broken down with examples and explanation. There also seems to be a lot more to the site but this is what I've found most helpful.

41. NIHONgo for it! Blog

Blog by Akiko a native Japanese teacher in Japanese. She breaks down lots of cool idioms and also goes through kanji. Here I learnt nakoze means slump

42. Japanese Game Scripts

This has Vagrant Story

43. How to read a Japanese Manga

Extremely thorough guide to purchasing and reading a Japanese manga with limited Japanese knowledge. A lot more informationhere than the title would suggest.

44. Nico Nico Douga

The Japanese equivalent of YouTube – you have to manage to register to watch though!

45. Genki Self Study Room form the Japan Times

Useful for the very basics.

46. Spoken Online Picture Books

Stories for children – that are read!

47. My Neighbour Totoro Japanese Script

Everyone studying Japanese has probably been exposed to this movie. Learn it that must faster by using the script provided here.

48. NHK Japanese Lessons

NHK is little like the BBC in the UK

49. Kuromomo's diary

Kuromomo's blog of herself and her cat

50. Famitsu

Japan's No1. Gaming Magazine website (good blogs too)

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