Benefits of Anki

December and November last year where not good for my Japanese study! My Anki reviews slowly dropped off but I got back in to the swing of it for the last 5 days. I have 14k of cards. This one came up this morning:


This is from a drama about a yukuza guy who pretends to be a highschool student (for reasons I can't remember). I remember when I put it in (a few years back), I didn't really understand it, it was just a blur of kana and it was very hard to discern which bits where words. I now know this is a pretty bad way to add cards but I got the card this morning and it made pretty much perfect sense - I didn't know what こうしょう was straight off but everything else I understood both the individual words and the meaning of the sentence as a whole. My Japanese study is pretty much 99% Anki, I study consistently but not very intensively, at least cards like this demonstrate to me the progress I've made and am making.

I'm still far stronger at reading than anything else.

Things I can do:

Correctly sight read most text (though not necessarily understand it)
Read and understand most tweets of @americanjokebot (and quite often 'get' the joke). As well as many other Japanese twitterers depending on their content.
Read headlines and quite a lot of the comments on
Able to communicate pretty simple whatever I want to but I'd quickly get stuck with more abstract conversation. I find it far easier to speak than listen ... I don't know if that's a Japanese thing or a more general character flaw :D

Things I can not do:

Listen to something like Downtown and understand enough to follow everything easily
Easily read a text book about a subject I know reasonably well
Easily read most shounen manga (or any other manga for that matter! Unless I've put some time into learning the series)
Understand most natural spoken Japanese (it's too fast for me! I don't know enough common slang + phrases. What I'd be able to read on the page, I find harder to understand when spoken. This is just a matter of exposure I think.)

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