Using Anki 2 with Dropbox

When I used Anki 1 I kept my deck in my dropbox folder, then I could review from either my laptop or desktop computer (and could unfortunately never review from mobile :( ). I know Anki has some inbuilt syncing but I prefer to do it myself (my deck is really big, I'm often offline, I don't want to have to register for an anki account etc etc). Yesterday I upgraded to Anki 2 and suddenly my decks weren't shared, it's quite hard to search for how to sort this out, so I though it was worth a blog post.

On Windows Anki 2 will put your decks (and plugins) in My Documents/Anki. Copy that entire folder into Dropbox/Anki. Now run Anki 2 using this command

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Anki\anki.exe" -b C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME_HERE]\Dropbox\anki

I edited the shortcut in the startmenu (by right-clicking the icon and choosing properties, then in the shortcut tab there's a field called target and I just pasted in the above command.) You'll need to make sure the second path points to your Anki folder in dropbox.

Then you should be back to normal and your deck will by synced between your computers.

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