A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

I study Japanese in a lot of different ways. One of the things I'm doing is going through the Dictionary of Basic Grammar and adding the example sentences to anki for any points I don't know. I'm coming to the end of the this process and will probably be done with the book by the end of January. It's a great book, just a list of grammar points each with a good explanation and a lot of examples. But, if I was going to do it again, the first thing I'd do is go through the book with a black marker pen and ink out all the romaji.

Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar Picture by Hanataro

There's no real reason to be reading the book until you're familiar with hiragana and katakana (which only takes about a day). It's distracting to have the romaji there and I find my eye tends to jump to it. I know that the intermediate dictionary of Japanese grammar doesn\t have any romaji so that's not going to be a problem when I move on to that.

My tadoku reading is going ok but I hope to improve my ranking as we start to get to the end of January!

Also this site is awesome: http://language.tiu.ac.jp/ materials/jpn/index.html beginner level (or lower intermediate maybe? It's hard to know exactly what these terms mean :D) dialogues with some of terms defined in a sidebar. The great thing is that the dialogues often talk about Japanese the language itself, so it's like double learning, one for the reading the dialogue and two for the dialogues content :D And there's loads of the them. I find it easy to read through them with out needed to look anything up, it's been a great place to get example sentences.

I'm not watching any anime or reading any manga at the moment so any recommendations would be great. There's a great site here http://video.fc2.com that has links to western movies dubbed in Japanese, my internet connection is too slow to take advantage of this unfortunately.

I've been playing Final Fantasy 13 in Japanese and Valkyuria Chronicles. I've also been watching Rome dubbed in Japanese which had been fun but the Japanese is quite hard :D Useful sentences such as 天球に空いた穴だ。

The other thing I've been doing is putting a DVD or what on in the background on loop. Sometimes I'll hear a word or a phrase and I'll try to look up. If I manage to transcribe it correctly I'll get an example sentence from Smart.fm or the dictionary. Then when the DVD loops past that bit, well I understand one more piece and next time it will probably be a new phrase. I think this is one of the things AJATT talks about but I never really followed this method :D It's far better than looking up the script to the DVD as you only add words or phrases that you've managed to pick out which guarantees you'll be able to pick the same word and phrases next time round but this time you'll understand the meaning. Sometimes I can read a script and watch the relevant part of the DVD and make no match between them at all!
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