10,000 sentences

I recently passed 10,000 sentences in Anki. A big goal. I think some people might be curious what my Japanese is like now. I'm not fluent, not particularly near either but I would definitely like to be as familiar with some other languages as I am with Japanese.

I'm reasonable conversational I can make myself understood and express generally what I'd like, though probably not in the most natural sounding way. I can read simple manga without using a dictionary. (Yotsubato and Rabbit Doubt, not that I necessarily always know all the words but I know enough to pick up the meaning from context). I think I could probably read certain light novels but I haven't found one that's easy / interesting enough for me yet. I can following along the plot of nearly all drama but only know and again will I follow full conversations knowing word for word what was said.

I took a big break from study recently a few months but I've managed to get back (and exceed) my previous level pretty quickly. I think at this type of level it's quite hard to know if you are improving. I found that if I revisit some material I struggled with in the past, it's now quite easy so that's big motivator.

Flashcards on your keyring, or Anki or a mix of both! Your choice.

What's next?

This month I'm aiming to do 24 hours of listening / reading (where you read a book that's in English and Japenese and listen to a native speaker read it). I started last night and I don't know if this is a unreasonable goal or not. I'm also anki-erizing the Basic Dictionary of Japanese Grammar (and I may go on to the the intermediate one or I may try and use one of those tools that breaks up dramas using English and Japanese subtitles.) I've got more time to devote to Japanese recently so I'm hoping to really ramp it up.

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