Blood and Cowboy Bebop

I recieved my rentals from LOVEFiLM. I chose Blood and Cowboy Bebop (first disc of the series)

According to the site the language for Blood is Japanese. Unfortunately this is a filthy lie. It's English and English with subs for most European countries. So I sent that back this morning without watching it.

I put Cowboy Behop on in the background while I was pottering around. There are quite a few episodes crammed on the disc (about 6 or 7). When I was a little more free I sat through one episode (I think number 4 or something). It's about space bounty hunters. It seemed a little boring at first but after watching it for a bit, I think it has a lot of potential.

Here are the new words that I heard a lot.
謝金 しゃきん reward 謝礼の金銭。礼金。
賞金 しょうきん prize, money reward 賞として与える金銭。

I have my Nintendo DS near the TV with a dictionary cartridge in it, so if I keep hearing a word I look it up. So as you can see I mananged a mere two :D
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