Using Anki with

Anki is an awesome space repetition system ( clever flash cards.). I use it everyday to review the Japanese I'm learning. One question a beginner may ask is "Where do I get good sentences to use with Anki?" is the answer. It has over 10,000 sentences with a picture and a sound file. It also has it's own online learning system. I prefer to use Anki, because I can use it offline and it's under my control)

My method

This the way I add cards. It probably requires the use of firefox. There are plugins for anki that allow mass importation of cards - but they don't include the picture for copyright reasons. My way you get everything.

I open anki and select 'add new card'.

This brings up the add card window

Then I find out what sentence I'm up to in

Then I copy the text to anki - pretty obvious right? I set the English text to white, so I can only view it by highlighting. I want to minimize the amount of non-Japanese material I'm exposed to, while reviewing.

Next the image, I hover the mouse over image and hold down the left mouse button. Then holding the left mouse button down, I drag the image way down to the task bar. Then I hover over the anki taskbar icon.

After 1 or 2 seconds the anki window will be activated. So then I drag the image up to anki and finally release the mouse button. The images are a bit big, but they look fine when I review :D

Next the sound. I right click the blue sound icon and say copy url.

Then I paste that link into the firefox url bar and press enter.

This causes firefox to automatically download the mp3 file. So I go to firefox's download window

I right click on the file I've downloaded and selected "Open Download Location". This opens a folder with the mp3 file highlighted.

I drag the mp3 to the task bar like I did for the image. Hover over the anki task bar icon and then drag and drop the mp3 file into anki. This plays the file and adds some data to the textbox.

Then I add the card. This probably takes me 5 seconds or so per card.
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