Where are Japan's biggest expat communities?

Where do Japanese people live outside of Japan? Well there are a few places. Brazil for historical reasons has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.

This a rough list of the places where most Japanese are living. The census data is from different years and so the information shouldn't be referenced! But it's good to get a rough idea.

1. Sao Paulo 1988 was 1168000

Brazil itself has over 1.5 million Japanese people.
2. Shanghai 100,000+

China is the manufacturing power house of the world. The reason for the high Japanese expat populations here are probably business related.

3. Honolulu 86,612 (year 2000)

Outside of Japan, Honolulu is a popular place to live. I have no idea of the reason so many Japanese live in Honolulu. Maybe someone can enlighten me in the comments? :D

4. London 75,000

Nearly 50% of London's residents are not British. One of the world's major capitals and a good city to access the rest of Europe, probably make this an attractive city for Japanese expats.

5. L.A 36,992 (year 2000)

Probably the closest major American city to Japan. L.A. has drawn in immigrants from all over the world.

6. New York 26,419 (year 2000)growth from 1999 to 2000 was 57%

New York is another of the world's major cities that can draw people from around the world including Japan.

7. Düsseldorf 11,000

Lots of Japanese companies locate in Düsseldorf so there's a big Japanese expat population there.

8. Paris

I couldn't find any numbers for Paris but I saw repeated versions of "the biggest Japanese expat community in Europe after London". So I thought I'd add it in too.

I know Singapore has a lot of Japanese expats - but Singapore's overall population isn't that big so it doesn't feature in the list. Feel free to add more places in the comment section!
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