What are the lesser known Japanese robots?

I’m going to quickly run through all the other robots that I’m aware of.

Vacuum Bot also known as HRP-2 Promet

There’s a vacuuming robot but he’s not just limited to vacuuming he can also sweep! And dance. He can walk with out help and his proportions are much closer to those of a human. He has fins on his head what’s not to love about that? That said, one fin came off in the hand of the robot handler. The robot also had some trouble gripping the broom.

There were at least two of these robots at the robot show I was at and one was nearly as good as Asimo. I suspect the robots balance is less good than Asimo, no one leg antics for him and hence no kicking. He can walk and move his arms around though. He can also talk. Easily one of the most impressive robots but I get the feeling if you pushed him over he’d be down for good.

Angry Bot

The only robot I saw that had eyebrows – angry eyebrows. His body seemed to be slab of solid metal and his arms where pretty crude hinges compared to Asimo or Vacuum bot. Although, this was the only robot who wouldn’t look out of place on a battlefield with a chain gun. He was a hulking thing. He can walk without help and perform such feats as ducking under tables, picking up green tea and handing it to people. Just imagine if that green tea was a grenade and that the table was an Iraqi scimitar. That’s right this was a poorly disguised war robot – that’s probably in the field as we speak.

*This robot's not even in the programme so I can't check his name. Obviously a rogue robot.

Office Bot aka EMIEW

This was a centaur like robot – but instead of a horse body, the body was more like a small lawnmower. This robot responded to his name and also had a rather nifty “body-purse”, like a very thin fabric backpack for keeping his important robot papers in. A video at the trade show, showed the robot being given a file by a salary man and told (in Japanese) “Go give this Jenny you worthless non-human scum”, (as far as I can translate – I can never understand keigo). The robot then wandered away from the man and … wait for it … the robot used the lift (elevator if your language likes to stay in prehistory and never evolve). It’s long been said that when robots start using lifts the end is near. If a robot can use a lift – why not a car? Why not a tank? Why not a nuclear weapon?

Once out of the lift he pops over to Jenny's desk (saying this I believe the video suggested he could recognise human faces by sight) and then gave Jenny the file, which in the interim he’d stored in his robot purse.

Dog Bot aka T73S

Tired of not being able to access your pet through the internet and their constant deaths ( especially when you plug them into the mains?) Well then dog bot is the robot for you! I’d say it’s half robot, a quarter spider, and then three quarters dog. It has four legs that look a little like spider legs and it also had a “fake head” – just plastic that looks like a head. Then on it’s back it has a camera under a half sphere of plastic.

It goes around your house calling the police and filming things. The poster for this robot suggested it actually has a really mammalian skeleton inside it’s plastic shell but I dearly hope this is artistic license, rather than the dog equivalent of Robocop.

Robo Cop aka Gaadoroboi (Guard Robot-i)

Almost the same a office bot but this robot gives useful information such as direction via it’s face mounted touch-screen VDU. It’s also suppose to patrol places and inform criminals it’s called the police and they should leave.

Well that’s every single robot that’s ever been or will be made in Japan covered in excruciating detail. I hope we’ve learnt and grown together.

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